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Games Blocks

P Chysochos1.40
A Halebian2.75
Papua New Guinea4.15
New Zealand2.20
New South Wales1.36
St George Illawarra Dragons1.26
Parramatta Eels3.70
Sydney Roosters1.30
Brisbane Broncos3.30
Cronulla Sharks1.35
Newcastle Knights3.10
St George Illawarra Dragons1.40
Canterbury Bulldogs2.85
South Sydney Rabbitohs1.45
Wests Tigers2.70
New Zealand Warriors1.57
Canberra Raiders2.30
Melbourne Storm1.33
Penrith Panthers3.20
Newcastle Knights1.80
St George Illawarra Dragons1.95
Gold Coast Titans3.80
Nth Queensland Cowboys1.25
Parramatta Eels2.15
Sydney Roosters1.68
Canterbury Bulldogs1.88
Cronulla Sharks1.88
Brisbane Broncos1.33
Manly Sea Eagles3.20
Melbourne Storm1.80
South Sydney Rabbitohs2.05
Easts Tigers1.62
Ipswich Jets2.30
Penrith Panthers1.76
New Zealand Warriors2.10
Redcliffe Dolphins1.73
Burleigh Bears2.10
Sydney Roosters1.60
Cronulla Sharks2.40
Brisbane Broncos1.30
St George Illawarra Dragons3.65
South Sydney Rabbitohs1.24
St George Illawarra Dragons4.15
Toronto Wolfpack1.18
Toulouse Olympique4.50
Hull Kingston Rovers1.15
London Broncos5.00
St George Illawarra Dragons2.20
Canterbury Bulldogs1.67
Melbourne Storm1.38
Cronulla Sharks3.10
Sydney Roosters1.75
South Sydney Rabbitohs2.10
Easts Tigers2.20
Redcliffe Dolphins1.67
Toulouse Olympique3.85
Salford Red Devils1.24
Brisbane Broncos Women1.36
Sydney Roosters Women3.10
Canterbury Bulldogs1.50
Redcliffe Dolphins2.50
Sydney Roosters1.98
Melbourne Storm1.86
St. Helens1.34
Warrington Wolves3.15
Wigan Warriors1.55
Castleford Tigers2.38
Toronto Wolfpack1.26
London Broncos3.70
New Zealand3.15
Wigan Warriors1.49
Warrington Wolves2.56
Hull FC2.56
Castleford Tigers1.48
Wigan Warriors1.30
Leeds Rhinos 3.35
Catalan Dragons 1.22
Huddersfield Giants 4.00
Salford Red Devils1.23
London Broncos4.00
Wakefield Trinity1.52
Catalan Dragons 2.46
St. Helens1.35
Leeds Rhinos 3.10
Huddersfield Giants 3.30
Warrington Wolves1.31
Hull Kingston Rovers1.69
Salford Red Devils2.13
London Broncos4.40
Castleford Tigers1.18
Wigan Warriors1.35
Hull FC3.05
Castleford Tigers
Hull Kingston Rovers
Leeds Rhinos1.41
Wakefield Trinity2.82
St. George Illawarra Dragons1.75
South Sydney Rabbitohs2.80
Catalan Dragons 2.54
Warrington Wolves1.49
London Broncos
Wigan Warriors
Huddersfield Giants
Hull FC
Warrington Wolves1.48
Castleford Tigers2.56
Hull FC1.59
Leeds Rhinos2.30
St. Helens1.04
London Broncos10.00
Catalan Dragons 1.29
Salford Red Devils3.45
Wakefield Trinity1.30
Hull Kingston Rovers3.35
Melbourne Storm1.57
Brisbane Broncos2.40
Huddersfield Giants 3.45
St. Helens1.29
Cronulla Sharks1.73
Newcastle Knights2.10
Sydney Roosters1.67
South Sydney Rabbitohs2.20
Hull FC1.38
Wakefield Trinity2.94
New Zealand Warriors1.46
Canterbury Bulldogs2.70
Wests Tigers1.90
Manly Sea Eagles1.90
South Sydney Rabbitohs NSW Cup1.72
North Sydney Bears2.10
Penrith Panthers1.53
Penrith Panthers2.50
Gold Coast Titans1.85
Canberra Raiders1.95
St. George Illawarra Dragons1.65
South Sydney Rabbitohs2.20
Canberra Raiders2.20
Melbourne Storm1.65
Brisbane Broncos1.57
North Queensland Cowboys2.35
Newcastle Knights1.73
Penrith Panthers2.05
Manly Sea Eagles3.10
Sydney Roosters1.35
Canterbury Bulldogs2.15
Parramatta Eels1.67
Wests Tigers1.82
New Zealand Warriors1.95
Brisbane Broncos1.47
St. George Illawarra Dragons2.60
Canberra Raiders1.72
Newcastle Knights2.08
Parramatta Eels2.70
Sydney Roosters1.44
Manly Sea Eagles2.30
New Zealand Warriors1.58
Penrith Panthers1.95
Melbourne Storm1.82
Wests Tigers1.50
Canterbury Bulldogs2.55
South Sydney Rabbitohs1.24
Gold Coast Titans3.90
Sydney Roosters1.53
Brisbane Broncos2.45
New Zealand Warriors1.42
Gold Coast Titans2.80
Penrith Panthers1.61
Wests Tigers2.25
Manly Sea Eagles2.60
South Sydney Rabbitohs1.47
Norths Devils1.35
PNG Hunters 3.20
Parramatta Eels1.82
Cronulla Sharks1.95
North Sydney Bears2.15
Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs NSW Cup1.70
Melbourne Storm1.17
Canterbury Bulldogs4.90
Newcastle Knights1.74
St. George Illawarra Dragons2.05
Brisbane Broncos1.40
Wests Tigers2.85
Gold Coast Titans2.15
Penrith Panthers1.67
North Queensland Cowboys2.65
Melbourne Storm1.45
St. Helens1.57
Warrington Wolves2.36
South Sydney Rabbitohs1.35
New Zealand Warriors3.10
Newcastle Knights1.73
Manly Sea Eagles2.05
Cronulla Sharks2.70
Sydney Roosters1.47
St. George Illawarra Dragons1.46
Canterbury Bulldogs2.65
Canberra Raiders1.55
Parramatta Eels2.40
Cronulla Sharks1.72
Penrith Panthers2.08
Canterbury Bulldogs3.00
South Sydney Rabbitohs1.36
Melbourne Storm1.73
Sydney Roosters2.05
New Zealand Warriors1.44
North Queensland Cowboys2.70
St. George Illawarra Dragons1.43
Manly Sea Eagles2.75
Canberra Raiders1.74
Brisbane Broncos2.05
Parramatta Eels1.70
Wests Tigers2.05
Catalan Dragons 1.54
Castleford Tigers2.42
Canberra Raiders1.78
Penrith Panthers2.00
Sydney Roosters1.33
St. George Illawarra Dragons3.20
Melbourne Storm1.23
New Zealand Warriors4.00
Canterbury Bulldogs1.60
North Queensland Cowboys2.30
Penrith Panthers2.18
South Sydney Rabbitohs1.66
Wests Tigers1.72
Gold Coast Titans2.08
Brisbane Broncos1.66
Cronulla Sharks2.18
Wigan Warriors1.42
Castleford Tigers2.78
Souths Logan Magpies1.77
Wynnum Manly Seagulls2.00
Newcastle Knights1.76
Parramatta Eels2.03
South Sydney Rabbitohs1.41
Brisbane Broncos2.85
North Queensland Cowboys1.68
Gold Coast Titans2.15
Cronulla Sharks2.12
Melbourne Storm1.70
Manly Sea Eagles1.63
Canterbury Bulldogs2.22
Sydney Roosters1.25
Wests Tigers3.80
New Zealand Warriors1.60
Newcastle Knights2.30
Parramatta Eels1.88
St. George Illawarra Dragons1.92
Gold Coast Titans2.10
Cronulla Sharks1.70
Wests Tigers2.05
Penrith Panthers1.75
Manly Sea Eagles2.70
Brisbane Broncos1.44
Canterbury Bulldogs2.05
Newcastle Knights1.74
New Zealand Warriors2.15
St. George Illawarra Dragons1.68
Melbourne Storm1.41
Parramatta Eels2.85
Sydney Roosters1.42
Canberra Raiders2.80
South Sydney Rabbitohs1.38
North Queensland Cowboys2.95
Huddersfield Giants 3.10
St. Helens1.34
Melbourne Storm1.28
Wests Tigers3.60
Penrith Panthers1.57
New Zealand Warriors2.35
Brisbane Broncos2.70
Sydney Roosters1.44
Gold Coast Titans1.65
Canterbury Bulldogs2.20
North Queensland Cowboys1.72
Parramatta Eels2.08
Canberra Raiders2.15
South Sydney Rabbitohs1.67
St. George Illawarra Dragons1.70
Newcastle Knights2.10
Cronulla Sharks1.55
Manly Sea Eagles2.40
Parramatta Eels1.62
Penrith Panthers2.25
Manly Sea Eagles1.60
Gold Coast Titans2.30
Newcastle Knights2.70
Sydney Roosters1.44
Canberra Raiders1.47
North Queensland Cowboys2.60
New Zealand Warriors1.65
Brisbane Broncos2.20
Canterbury Bulldogs3.40
Melbourne Storm1.30
St. George Illawarra Dragons1.60
Cronulla Sharks2.30
St. Helens1.32
Castleford Tigers3.25
Penrith Panthers1.77
Manly Sea Eagles2.00
Parramatta Eels2.00
South Sydney Rabbitohs1.77
Canterbury Bulldogs2.10
Canberra Raiders1.70
Gold Coast Titans1.70
North Queensland Cowboys2.10
South Sydney Rabbitohs1.33
Newcastle Knights3.20
Wests Tigers2.05
Canberra Raiders1.74
New Zealand Warriors2.20
Melbourne Storm1.65
Cronulla Sharks1.60
Parramatta Eels2.30
North Queensland Cowboys1.65
Manly Sea Eagles2.20